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"The course was great and Ed's enthusiasm made coming to class fun and enjoyable"

"Honestly, the best GSI I have ever had at Michigan. Probably the only thing Ed could improve on is not trying to cram so much into discussion (because we only have an hour). However, all the material he wanted to present was relevant."

"Ed was an amazing guy and the best GSI I've had yet. He truly cared about the education of his students, and actually discussed how we could apply knowledge learned in the class to our futures."

"I liked that Ed clearly knew a LOT about the material we were covering. In class and even in the evaluation of our blog posts, he would often refer to other material we had perhaps not considered. He's very knowledgeable and it shows. I also appreciated his efforts to make the class relevant beyond the semester (though I'm not sure how much it added to our experience in all instances)." Note from Edward: Some applied activities didn't translate completely to parts of the course; they will be modified for the future.

"I liked how we watched related films/music videos before the discussion and discussed about it. Moreover, I liked how Ed gave colorful sheets to form groups. I loved ho he talked about his experiences to explain or provide further detailed information on what we were discussing in the section."

"Ed was awesome. His discussion sections were by far the best I've ever had- I actually looked forward to going to section, which is something I rarely do. He was very approachable and always very friendly. I would love to have another class with him!"

"very well organized and relevant"

"It also seemed, as was acknowledged, that Ed tried to fit a ton of examples in. He has so many good things to say on his own that he doesn't need clips to demonstrate his points!" Note from Edward: As other students similarly commented, I had a tendency to go a little "clip crazy" this term, as it was difficult for me not to share such relevant materials. In the future, I will pare down the list of clips and provide optional, supplemental clips to view outside of class.

"It was really fun!"


Assistant Professor, Advertising + PR

Michigan State University

Associate Editor, Advertising & Society Quarterly

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