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"There's nothing I would change. Ed did a great job, and I always felt like we were getting a lot done. He explained everything thoroughly and clearly."

"Mr Timke is by far the BEST gsi I have ever had at the U of M."

"...I really think that Ed is great!!"

"I thought he did a great job"

"I felt that the instructor provided multiple chances and opportunities to succeed in the course. I can't think of anything more to work on."

"-really helpful, color-coded sheets, -great instruction on how to write the papers and prepare for exams, -group work, -the videos we watched and advertisements we analyzed during discussion were very helpful"

"I really enjoyed pretty much everything about this section...and I usually don't feel that way about sections at all! I typically think they are a waste of time, as we go over the same things we learn in lecture. However that was not the case for this section. The group activities not only allowed us to interact with other people and hear their opinions/input, but really got us to think about the material in other ways. Section definitely contributed to my understanding of all of the information. I really liked the format of section, as it was different every time. It was always exciting. Even though it was at 9 on a Friday morning, I never found myself dreading going."

"It was really helpful to see and discuss different examples of the topic we had been covering than what we saw in lectures and readings. Applying concepts to new material helped me both to learn and remember them.

"We went over everything that was said in lecture each week. That was very helpful."

"The GSIs enthusiasm and ability to make the most out of discussion"

"This discussion section was way more comprehensible than lecture. He seemed to genuinely care about how well we were doing and helped us do well as best as he could. One of the best GSIs I've ever had...the best part of 371 as a whole."

"I loved how well the material was explained and the use of group work in class."

"Ed did a fantastic job leading discussion, there's nothing I didn't think was helpful."

"I wish I would've gotten more time in class since I couldn't always make office hours."

"He was by far, hands down the best GSI I've ever had. He should win all of the awards in the book because his teaching methods helped me in ways I didn't even know could be done. He was the most prepared GSI coming into every discussion with a plan. He made THE best worksheets I've ever had the pleasure of doing and really made me appreciate this course. It was truly a wonderful experience."

"he was great. there is nothing to improve."

"Ed was the best GSI I have ever had at this university. He did his absolute best to help his students succeed in a very difficult class. He was very willing to help and went out of his way to do everything he could. This man deserves an award!!"

"In all of the courses I've taken at Michigan, Ed is by far the best GSI I've ever had."

"The only criticism is that we did not have enough time during the discussions to cover all of the readings as we read them. Sometimes we had to skip a topic, but this is to be expected as there are more lectures than discussions. Moreover, Ed did provide worksheets for all of the readings, so if we didn't specifically go over it in class, we still had some way to review the material. Once again, the instructor was phenomenal and should be recognized for his hard work and success!"

"Continue what you're doing!"

"Edward Timke was a stellar GSI. I cannot think of one thing that he could improve. He went over and above any expectations I had."

"I enjoyed the practical and creative ways that Ed helped us to truly grasp the key components of course material. Ed went out of his way to help students make sense of difficult information presented in class...Ed genuinely wanted students to be successful. From reading guides and term sheets, to writing exercises and jeopardy review games, we were provided with endless opportunities to review and comprehend the sometimes difficult material. Although filling out reading guides every week was tedious at times, I felt that it motivated me to complete reading assignments and take note of critical points. The term compilation assignment at the end of the semester was another great way for us to contribute a small portion of information to yield quite a comprehensive review sheet. The review sheet that Ed provided us with before the midterm was also a huge help in preparing for the exam. That was something that he obviously spent a lot of time putting together, and that was in his job description or expectations as a GSI. Additionally, Ed always answered my emails, which were often long, complicated, and full of questions, with equally long, thoughtful and helpful responses, and he did so in a timely manner. He also provided enormous amounts of feedback on every student's long writing assignments, showing that he truly put so much time and thought into the critiques and grades. Never before have I gotten a 95% on an essay with so any critical points and room for improvement. That said, Ed expected only the best from us, and he gave us every resource possible to help us achieve our best. These are just a few examples of the endless ways in which Ed took time to help students to grasp the course material and be successful in the class. I wish that all instructors could be so invested in the success and understanding of students!"

"I loved the material we covered and I really enjoyed the worksheets we did in discussion. They were extremely helpful and I really got a better understanding of the readings and course material by doing them."

"The review materials were very helpful and the clips used were funny and relevant."

"Ed Timke had amazing examples and class activities that really explained the material in a manageable manner"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the in-class activities that were done as groups. Ed divided the class up differently each time, which was beneficial. The worksheets were also very helpful for studying for the exams. The videos presented in the class were always intriguing and related to the concepts that were covered in lecture. Honestly, this was one of the best discussion classes that I have ever had and Ed should continue to plan the same activities for his future students. The class was structured very well."

"He really went through all the material very well and his weekly emails were so helpful. I also loved the music videos before class, it was a fun way to start my Friday morning. The reading guides and all the other study tools he come up with were so helpful."



"Ed was the best GSI I have ever had..."


"GSI was fantastic at supporting students and providing study materials."

"My GSI was incredibly helpful and made the class interesting."


"The GSI, Ed Timke, was one of the best teachers that I have had here at U of M. Mr. Timke made this class for me, and truly made a tough class something worth while. Not only was Ed a hard worker, pouring out himself in the pursuit of his students' success, but he was also extremely interesting, creative, and helpful. He constantly listened to his students, understanding their difficulties as a result, and went above and beyond to ensure that they were grasping the concepts and prepared for the exam. Ed also is very knowledgeable on the course, which really helped us in the long run. He used media to keep the discussions interesting, and continually introduced new ways to learn material. This is an exceptional GSI; take note."

"I really liked how organized everything from the instructor was. The worksheets and term list were very helpful."


"Edward was the perfect GSI. I have not had a better one in my entire 4 years at the University of Michigan. If I had a complaint about his discussion session specifically it would have been only that I do not like Dum Dum suckers. Other than that trivial detail, I have not a single complaint or critique of Edward..."

"Ed was the best GSI I've had in my 3 and a half years at the University of Michigan."


"The reviews of the readings/themes each week as well as for the exams. The worksheets we were given to help guide our reading and pull out main points were greatly helpful. Edward was one of, if not the best GSI I have had at U of M. He made discussion enjoyable, he used interesting visuals, he helped us understand the material, he was accommodating and understanding, he was approachable and knowledgeable about the material. I could go on and on, Ed made this class manageable because he helped us organize the tremendous amounts of reading material we got for the class. He was nice and funny. Thank you so much Ed!"

"I liked the topic of this course and I thought that the discussion hour was extremely helpful. My GSI, Ed, was phenomenal!"


"Edward was the shining light through this course. Without him as a GSI, I do not know how I would have managed this vague and difficult course. The reading guide, the study guide, the classroom exercises where we got into groups and created definitions and examples for each of the readings were immensely helpful."

"I really enjoyed the videos displayed in discussions and the vocabulary worksheets - they were huge helps in preparing for exams."



Assistant Professor, Advertising + PR

Michigan State University

Associate Editor, Advertising & Society Quarterly

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