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"Ed is one of the best GSIs that I have ever had! He really cared about whether we did well or not, and had a thorough knowledge of the course material."

"great gsi who is always willing to help students and provide explanations."

"Not much improvement needed. Ed was great and he should definitely consider being a teacher/professor!"

"I thought Ed did a great job as a GSI. He was very encouraging and was always willing to meet with students outside of class. He was great at communicating what was expected of students."

"Ed was a great GSI. He was very helpful and understanding."

"good incorporation of lecture material and real world."

"I loved the handouts that Ed gave us in each discussion. They were extremely helpful for studying. I also really liked how the whole course was divided into the industry groups because I feel like I actually gained an in-depth understanding of something specific. It was a great way to apply all of the concepts we learned. I also liked the current event presentations because they were easy and I felt up to date about things happening in the industry. Ed was an amazing GSI and made the classroom environment very comfortable. He is extremely approachable and has a style of teaching that makes everyone at ease."

"i think ed did a great job as a GSI for this class."

"Nothing, Ed is awesome!" [When asked what aspects of teaching could be improved.]

"Ed's a great GSI, he genuinely cares about whether or not we 'get' the material..."

"Section was always interactive and very informative."

"I think Ed's preparation for the course was excellent. I've never had a GSI who seems to really care about the success of his students like Ed did. The worksheets and thorough explanations really helped."


Assistant Professor, Advertising + PR

Michigan State University

Associate Editor, Advertising & Society Quarterly

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